Tuesday 4 March 2014

Maya to Houdini Conversion Course: Part 2b - Particle expressions, key frames and graph editor

This lesson will give you the confidence to start using and adjusting basic particle simulations, you'll gain access to the animation controls and expression editor which you can use in other parts of the software

 In lesson 2b you will learn
  • keyframing
  • seting up emissions attributes
    • impulse activation
    • constant activation
    • birth rate
  • middle mouse button to see particle states over a node
  • setting up expressions
    • where to create an expression
    • deleting expressions
  • Setting key frames
    • where keyframing lives
    • adjusting keyframes
    • how the graph editor works
      • how to access the graph editor using scope parameters
      • adjusting keyframes in the graph editor
      • adjusting tangents in the graph editor
  • switching between nodes without simulating them
  • setting up fields - Fields are called Forces in Houdini

The Full list of videos in the Maya to Houdini Conversion Course series here

Enjoy the lesson.

Please do use the share buttons to tell other artists who may be struggling with the switch across from Maya to Houdini.

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Why I created the course?

I've been working as a VFX artist for over ten years, one of the most common questions people ask when moving across from Maya to Houdini is 'how do I do xxxxxxx in Houdini, it's so easy in Maya, but I can't find the function in Houdini'.

Well the fact is that every software is different, not only do the functions have different names but different 3D software is built upon a whole architecture. To shift from Maya to Houdini requires to understand how the two pieces of software were built upon different architecture.


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