Director's Filmography

--> --> Hi, this is a space where you can learn more about my filmography. I have been writing screenplays for many years, some produced, some waiting to be produced. My first produced screenplay was an independent film I worked on called 'Nine Days of Hell' directed by the very talented Martin Stitt.  They say that each week working on a film is equivalent to a year at film school, working with Martin I quickly learnt that film directing was something that I wanted to do.

Nitro Dust (2013)

This is a short film I directed in September 2013, I had a small core team for a two days and we worked like hell to make a movie in that time.

I always wanted to make a car chase short and a western, here in Nitro Dust I melded the two together to make a car chase in a western style.

Digitopia: Discover Me (2013)

This short film I directed as part of the bigger feature prodcution.  I finished the film in January 2013, I did all the 3D, I had help with the 2D from the awesome GUI animator and two amazing sound designers.

Digitopia:Discover Me edit 35c from Farhan Qureshi on Vimeo.

This is one scene from a feature screenplay that I have written.

Be Me (2004)

My directorial debut was a few years earlier, I wrote produced and directed a short called 'Be Me'.  I shot this on 35mm film and was very fortunate to have some very seasoned VFX pros to help me on the effects for this.

Be Me from Farhan Qureshi on Vimeo.
Video 01. Be Me - written, produced and directed by Farhan Qureshi, 2004, format: 35mm

Be Me - Making Of (2004)

Be Me - making of from Farhan Qureshi on Vimeo.
Video 02. Be Me - making off by Lesly Syme and  Farhan Qureshi, 2004, format: digital

Boxing Day (2005)

This is a short Docu-drama I filmed with a boxer I met, I turned up expecting to make a portrait of a pro-am boxer, but as the evening drew on there were several twists and turns screwed up the plans, of course I was there with camera and turned it into a captivating piece of film.

Boxing Day from Farhan Qureshi on Vimeo.
Video 03. Boxing Day - Produced Jasmin Malik, Directed by Farhan Qureshi, 2005, format: digital

VFX Showreel 2003 - 2011

And of course here is what I do as my day job, it's got some (equally) impressive stuff on there, projects include Batman Begins, Poseidon, Alien Vs Predator and three Harry Potter movies.

FQ Showreel 2011 from Farhan Qureshi on Vimeo.
Video 04. VFX Showreel: Crowd Sim, Effects, Animation by Farhan Qureshi, 2003 - 2011

My full credit list is at

Games VFX reel

I've also work as an Effects artist for Computer games, most notably Brink (publisher: Bethesda) and Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising where I worked as lead and senior artist respectively.  Lots of FPS effects on Brink and Previz on OFP2.

Farhan Qureshi - Games Reel 2006 - 2013 from Farhan Qureshi on Vimeo.

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