Saturday 18 June 2011

Sound Design

Hi this is a post from the sound designer on the project, his name is Yuval Gerstein, he did a great job scoring Digitopia: Discover Me.  I've taken the following with permission from Yuval's blog at

You can find out more about Yuval on his blog at

DIGITOPIA animation project

Digitopia is a world created by Farhan Qureshi. He introduced me to this project at the beginning of 2011 and I was quite excited about it. Growing up in the 80′s, I was addicted to the early video games and used to skip school just to have a go at those huge arcade machines they had at the center of Jerusalem. So when Farhan asked me to write the music and sound design for his project I was thrilled.
The aim of the project was to create a short stand alone animation that would then be pitched at festivals around the world, namely the 2011 Cannes festival, in order to find investors to turn this into a full feature film.
Pretty early on I realized this was going to be much more about the sound design than about the music. The challange was to make Libra (the main character) speak to the audience and create the sounds that surround her in this digitopia world.
When Libra finds the crazy arcade machine she starts playing with it out of curiosity and encounters digital holograms of  long extinct animals. She interacts with the arcade machine and dangerous events unfold…
I used my trusted Logic pro 9 for this project, and I found working with video on it is a breeze.
I think Farhan and his small team did a great job with digitopia, the animation is beautiful and captivating and I only had to reinforce that through the sounds and the music.
Unfortunately I am not able to post the film here because it was sent to Festivals and has to be kept a surprise for now. I do hope it does well in festivals and that investors would see it’s potential to become a feature (3D??) animation film.
Check out Farhan’s blog for more information on this project :


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